What do you learn

What do you learn during your Ayurveda Practitioner Studies?

Want to know what knowledge you will gain during our Ayurveda Practitioner Studies? During this 4-year study program, a wide range of topics about Ayurveda are covered. We offer an in-depth study program, accredited with a Bachelor level (HBO niveau) where students study all major aspects of Ayurveda. This is a part-time study program that combines in-person classroom with online classes and individual study (blended learning). 

What you will learn

You will learn about all relevant parts of ayurvedic medicine and how to apply them effectively in our modern world. To achieve this, ayurveda teaches the science of life in which comprehensive technical knowledge is found. Like nutrition, lifestyle, herbalism and (massage) treatments. Our program has its foundation in the ancient ayurvedic texts while at the same time connecting to modern society. You will master skills to support (future) clients on their path to health and to treat them for various health issues. Of equal importance are the development of true insight and refining abilities to hear and see your clients. That can be seen as the art of ayurveda. Our study program seeks to combine and balance these two essential aspects of ayurveda and humans in general, and to reflect this in the learning process of the students. The whole scope of philosophical, scientific, spiritual and – of course -practical parts of ayurveda are part of the learning program.

How you will learn

Each year of the study program consists of approximately 25 to 28 classroom days divided into several modules. A special feature that is added to these modules are the pre-recorded intensive video classes which are to be studied online on your own time, around 100 hours. Students will also follow a series of eight online classes and the same amount of webinars in years I and II and seven online classes and webinars in total in year III and IV. You will need around 1100 hours of self-study time to prepare classes and to make assignments. For more information, check out our curriculum.

Study Tracks within the study

Each year combines a number of study tracks to offer students a consistent, continuous and smooth learning experience throughout the years. This means that a highly varied study program is offered each year, teaching a broad variety of ayurvedic topics. At the same time, each of those topics has its own specialization and deepening aspect. You will also use different learning methods to support your understanding, such as role plays, case studies, research assignments, formative tests, practical assignments & reflections.

For whom is the study?

The Ayurveda Practitioner Studies is meant for those who want to learn more about healing through Ayurveda. In this profession, you are devoted to support humanity in healing themselves. Delight Academy caters to those seeking solid professional training in the field of ayurveda. The system of ayurveda is an ancient and practical health philosophy that contains a complete and unique therapeutic healing system. It seeks to treat and integrate body, mind and spirit using a comprehensive holistic approach with an emphasis, lifestyle, treatments and ayurvedic yoga.

What can you do after graduating?

Upon successfully completing your ayurveda studies in combination with the PLATO medical science (Medische Basiskennis in Dutch), you can open your own ayurveda practice. What does this imply? You will be able to inform your clients on ayurvedic ways to improve their health – with the help of concrete steps and guidelines. You will have insight into which complaints you can treat yourself and which more complex complaints require the help of an ayurvedic physician or other health experts. You will be confident in exploring the complaints of your clients by tapping into their needs in a proper way while using ayurvedic assessment techniques like pulse reading and tongue diagnosis. Clear communication, trust, respect, an open attitude and confidentiality play an important role in building a relationship with your clients – and this relationship is a part of your ayurvedic healing skills.

Becoming an Ayurveda Practitioner

All in all, during our training you will learn everything that is needed to become a fully trained Ayurvedic Practitioner. Something you can take with you for the rest of your life.