Meet the team and their motivation

Martine van Beusekom – Team

Martine van Beusekom: Founder, Academy director and general management. Martine has an outspoken vision on spreading the word of Ayurveda in the Netherlands. By her active involvement in education for practitioners, she contributes to increasing familiarity with Ayurveda as a …

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Coen van der Kroon – Team

Coen van der Kroon: Founder, Academy director and general management. Coen van der Kroon was born in Utrecht, The Netherlands in 1962. He has an academic background in Greek and Latin Languages and Culture. His MA thesis was on ancient …

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Denitsa Gancheva – Team

Denitsa Gancheva: Program Manager. Denitsa was born and raised in Bulgaria but moved to Amsterdam for her Master studies. Her background is in education and social work. She is also involved with two wonderful Buddhist organizations. One of them is …

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Velia Licitra – Team

Velia Licitra: Student Support Coordinator. Velia is Italian and has been living in the Netherlands for almost 10 years. She has a background in foreign languages and has traveled extensively in North Africa. She became fascinated with ayurveda when she …

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Maike Heesakkers – Team

Maike Heesakkers: Marketing and communications. Maike Heesakkers is a yoga teacher and student of Ayurveda. She lives in the south of the Netherlands with her partner and dog ‘Guna’. Looking for different ways to connect with life and finding different …

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