Jyotish Foundation Course


Price: € 700 / € 650 (Early-bird fee – valid until [new date upcoming soon])

Exclusive 10% discount for students of Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands

Starting: [due to personal health situation of teacher, postponed till fall 2024; date to be announced soon] in Weesp

Taught by: Gudrun Lewis-Schellenbeck

Language: English

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Jyotish is an ancient science rooted in the Vedas and classified therefore as Vedanga, a branch of the Vedic tree. Known in India as the eyes of the Veda, this discipline portrays a map of our life- or soul-plan. Through its lenses we can not only see our strengths, talents, or the challenges that lie ahead but we can also figure out our ayurvedic constitution as well as our physical and psychological weaknesses. Jyotish offers a set of tools to improve a person’s vulnerable points, and in this sense it represents a multi-level holistic approach that can support a person physically, mentally and spiritually.

In the context of any other therapeutic method, be it psychological, ayurvedic or general life counselling, Jyotish proves to be a powerful additional tool that can even point out when certain issues will show up or will need attention. This allows individuals to proactively make life changes, avoiding potentially painful situations and aligning themselves with upcoming lessons. In medical context Jyotish can be a true grace and help to protect our health and even life.

The goal of the Jyotish Foundation Course is to understand and learn all the necessary basics in order to be able to become a Professional Astrologer or Astrological Counsellor. The course also opens up the possibility to become a Certified Astrologer by passing an exam in cooperation with the Institute of Vedic Studies in New Delhi. The full course consists of three modules that can be booked or attended independently from the others.

Only Module I is currently open for registrations but you can read an overview of all three modules below.

Module I: FOUNDATIONAL Principles
21 lessons of 90 minutes each

In this module we will initiate by exploring the historical and astronomical underpinnings of Jyotish. We will cover the fundamental aspects of planets, signs, and houses, providing an in-depth understanding of their significance and interplay within the astrological framework. Furthermore, the module delves into the nuances of planetary strength and the art of interpreting planets within specific signs and houses. It culminates in an exploration of the yogas, special combinations which are pivotal in delineating pathways to success, health, and even disease.

After the first module students have a good understanding of how astrology works. They will be able to understand some facets of a personality and do the first interpretive steps.

Module II: understanding the promises of a chart
21 lessons of 90 minutes each

In this module we will dive deeper into the texture of the horoscope. The Yogas give us insights into the specific talents or challenges a person has brought over from previous life times. These are clear defined planetary combinations and they also give us insights in how a person’s perception is “configurated”, which is supported by the insights on the level of the Nakshatras. Also the nodal axis, Rahu and Ketu, and their karmic message will be studied in this module.

After the second module students possess all the tools to evaluate a person’s talents and prospects in life, his/her challenges or vulnerabilities. This enables them to give advice from a dharmic perspective.

Module III: Predictive Astrologystep from the promise of the chart into seeing further unfolding in life
21 lessons of 90 minutes each

In this final module we will set the chart in motion and understand, how important the planetary cycles are for the unfolding of a chart. We will do in depth studies of two predictive methods, the Vimsottari Dasa System and the Transits or Gochara. And we will also include the Vargas or Divisional Charts, which allow us to fine tune our predictions.

After the third module, students will gain proficiency in using all the predictive tools they need in order to unfold the promises given in a chart. This is the point of time, where a holistic view is possible and often extremely helpful for the clients. This is also the point of time, when the students can decide, whether they want to add other modules to their knowledge such as:

  • Medical Astrology (including some Ayurvedic components – 15 classes)
  • Partnership Compatibility (10 classes)
  • Muhurta (calculation of the best time to start important things in your life – 6 classes)


Module I of the Jyotish Foundation Course will start on [new dates to be announced soon] 2024 with the following agenda:

  • [new dates stop be announced soon]

The on-location classes will take place in Weesp at YogaToday but will also be live-streamed for participants who cannot attend classes in presence. The rest of the module will be on ZOOM. 


  • 21 lessons of 90 minutes each, of which 1 full weekend on location 
  • Access to all materials for self study in an online learning platform 
  • Homework guidance


  • Beginners with little or no knowledge of Vedic Astrology;
  • Anyone wanting to enrich their existing profession or practice – Ayurveda and yoga students, teachers or therapists, lifestyle advisors, energy healers, coaches, as well as professional therapists.


Module I of the Jyotish Foundation Course merges live, online sessions with in-depth, on-location classes presenting a harmonious blend of theory and hands-on application. The methods of teaching include:

  • theoretical explanations;
  • telling of puranic stories;
  • referring to classical texts;
  • interactive discussion of many examples;
  • group work;
  • written assignments.

Teaching resources encompass videos, text documents, concise tables and supporting auxiliary tables. Students will be assigned tasks between sessions, which the instructor will review and provide feedback on. Prospective participants should factor in self-study and home study time when registering for the course.

By the end of the module and upon completion of class assignments and practices, participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Are you eager to enroll?

You can sign up for MODULE I by filling in this form. If you are instead interested in taking either all three modules or solely modules II and III, you are are welcome to reach out to us at [email protected]. We’re here to discuss and explore the available options with you.

If you would like to first find out more about this course, go ahead and sign up for the Q&A session on Saturday, [new date to be announced soon] 2024 @ 10:30!