Vision and Mission

Our vision

Our vision for the Academy is integrating Ayurvedic Medicine into our society as a valuable and valid system for promoting health and treating human diseases.

Our Mission and Objectives

Our mission is offering excellent ayurvedic education that authentically and modernly trains health professionals at various levels of application.

Our objective is education the best highly qualified ayurvedic health experts by providing excellent and challenging programs.

We have the ambition to educate the best ayurveda health experts who can confidently bring about progress in the health and well-being of their clients.

Our core values

  • We are non-dogmatic. We wish to discuss with an open mind and attitude and common sense the ancient system of ayurveda and the intelligent application of it in modern times.
  • Open and connected. We are open to all medical systems and seek points of connection to reinforce each other, thus optimally supporting individuals in their health.
  • An independent attitude is what we ask from our students during their learning process in which critical thinking and curiosity are stimulated.
  • Taking your responsibility for the student’s own learning process and appropriate communication with the academy regarding this is important to us.
  • We are a professional institute that is goal-oriented in the sense that our programs are well structured, the timeline is clear and the organisation is transparent.
  • We respect our students and we ask our students to approach the academy and its teachers in a respectful way. We support each other when needed.