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Licensed registration requirements

If you would like to open your own Ayurvedic practice after completion of the study program, we highly recommend you follow a Western Medicine Fundamentals (in Dutch: Medische Basiskennis) course at PLATO standards level of 40 ECs. This will give you the medical foundation you need to start your Ayurvedic practice as a practitioner. This also gives you the possibility to register at the professional associations and insurance companies, enabling your clients to claim reimbursement of their invoice under supplementary health care insurances. You will be able to offer your consultations VAT exempt (BTW-vrijgesteld in Dutch) as a registered therapist.

Collaboration Con Amore and Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands

Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands collaborates with Con Amore, a Dutch family-owned and operated educational institute for healthcare professionals, to facilitate the English version of the Dutch course ‘Medische Basiskennis‘. This translated course called ‘Western Medicine Fundamentals’ (WMF) is unique in the Netherlands.

Con Amore has more than a decade of experience with the Dutch course ‘Medische Basiskennis’ and in collaboration with Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands we translated this course in English in order to serve our English speaking students. The WMF course offers you a solid foundation of knowledge about the many wonders of the human body. Are you an Ayurveda Practitioner, yoga professional, a massage therapist, or do you have any other profession where a medical foundation is useful, then check out the program.

Get a €1200 discount

Students of the Ayurveda Practitioner Studies will be offered a discount of €200 as this training is part of their study program and necessary to be included in the register of Ayurveda Practitioners in the Netherlands.

WMF is also eligible for the STAP funding. With this funding, you are able to get another €1000 discount on the course Western Medicine Fundamentals! The STAP training budget will be re-released by the Dutch Government on July 1st 2022. With this budget, you can get €1000 in funding for a training programme or course.

With these discounts, the course will cost you €695 in stead of €1895. You can pay this amount free of charge in 10 installments of €69.50. This makes the course a lot more accessible.

Applications for this STAP-budget funding are open to those both in and out of work, but there are a number of conditions that apply. For example, all applicants must be over the age of 18, be of working age (i.e. they cannot be retired), and must be an EU citizen or the partner of an EU citizen.

Furthermore, the desired course or training programme must be recognised by the government in the STAP-training register. The Western Medicine Fundamentals course is listed in this register. So if you meet the requirements, you are eligible to receive a maximum of €1000 funding to cover your educational costs. If you want to know more about this funding and how to apply, please visit Con amore’s website.

About the course

The Western Medicine Fundamentals program teaches you about all the physical processes. Like the functioning of our organs, how to treat different diseases and recognise several complaints within the body. All together you will develop a great basis of knowledge of the human body. Subjects like the cardiovascular system, digestive, blood, the respiratory system, nervous system and the senses, hormones, skin & physical warning signs are all part of the study. Together with the communications side and ethics side of the practice you create the start of your healthcare career.

Con Amore has a broad team of experienced holistic physicians, on a monthly basis they will train you on all topics you can find in the program.

For whom ?

Western Medicine Fundamentals is known as the knowledge programme for Ayurvedic practitioners, meditation or yoga teachers and all other professions that work with the body:

  • The acquired knowledge gives you a broader perspective on your field
  • After completing the programme, you will know all about the cause, progression and treatment of the most common physical ailments
  • You learn about your abilities and limitations as a healthcare professional and can recognise situations in which you must refer your client immediately
  • You acquire knowledge of various classification systems and learn the ins and outs of proper diagnoses
  • The programme makes it easier for you to connect to primary care physicians because you learn to understand medical jargon. This allows you to work together more effectively with e.g. general practitioners and medical specialists
  • With the knowledge you acquire, you can provide better services to your clients as a therapist, teacher or coach
  • Improving your conversation skills helps you feel more confident
  • The Western Medicine Fundamentals programme forms part of the requisite portfolio to be eligible for remuneration from healthcare insurance providers in The Netherlands
  • What you will learn is seen as an invaluable addition to one’s general development towards becoming a healthcare professional. 

Free trial lesson & study brochure

Are you thinking about enrolling in this programme? You are welcome to join the online trial lesson for free. Experience an online class, meet the lecturers, study coach and future fellow students. Sign up here.

Download the WMF study brochure, which provides you with all the information that you need:

  • Study concept
  • The online learning environment
  • Home study, modules, course days
  • Study materials & graduation requirements

Be inspired

Fleur Aukema, one of our students followed the Western Medicine Fundamentals in combination with our Ayurveda Practitioner Study. In the interview she shares her experience and why she is happy she followed both studies.

About Con Amore

Con Amore is a specialised training institute that contributes to a new generation of well-trained paramedic care professionals who can meet the set conditions. They have more than a decade of experience with the Dutch programme Medische Basiskennis.

Read Con Amore’s manifest here