Ayurveda Clinic

experience personalized Ayurvedic consultations and treatments by our expert Ayurvedic Physicians

Welcome to our Ayurveda Clinic, the place for rediscovering your balance and well-being. We offer two main consultation opportunities:

Regular Ayurveda Consultations

You will get a regular and one-on-one consultation by one of our expert Ayurveda physicians. It is a normal Ayurveda consultation, and you can book an appointment on the available dates throughout the year. You can book as many follow-up consultations as you want and and depending on what you need.

Internship Ayurveda Consultations

You will get a regular and follow-up consultation by one of our expert Ayurveda physicians, during which a small number of students is present, for internship purposes. Appointments are only available during our internship weeks. Additional follow-up consultations are also possible when needed or requested.

What is the scope of an Ayurveda consultation?

An Ayurveda consultation is a comprehensive journey. It’s a deep dive into your health, exploring your concerns and medical history, followed by a precise pulse and tongue evaluation. Our expert Ayurvedic Physicians assess your constitution (Prakriti) and imbalance (Vikruti). Subsequently, they craft a tailored treatment plan, encompassing dietary advice, lifestyle enhancements, herbal supplements, and possibly yoga, pranayama, and natural remedies—all intricately explained. Our consultations are led by expert Ayurvedic Physicians, in our internship consultations accompanied by our dedicated graduating students on the cusp of stepping into their roles as Ayurvedic Practitioners. Here, they apply their four years of rigorous learning, actively assisting in consultations and treatments.

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Are you curious about your next visit to our clinic? Connect with us by emailing [email protected]. We’re here to answer your questions and guide you toward your Ayurvedic journey!

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