APS Year 1

Ayurveda for Self-Healing

Pillars of health: a year of basic foundations and starting to ‘live’ these foundations in your own life.

Main overview

In the first year, you will learn about the basic ayurvedic principles and lay a solid foundation in the field of ayurvedic nutrition, massage, daily routine & yoga. You will gain insights into a number of familiar ayurvedic healing herbs, to be used in the kitchen as well as in your own home pharmacy. Basic information on western anatomy and physiology will be provided, bridging western medical concepts and ayurvedic basic principles. The focus of the first year is equally divided between theory, practical and treatment skills plus experience-based teachings. It will inspire and guide you to think within the framework of ayurvedic science.

Start ‘living’ Ayurveda

You will receive a theoretical foundation and at the same time many practical tips and guidelines to live your life in a more ayurvedic way. Experiencing and living ayurveda will help you to guide others. It will be a year of practising self-healing through ayurveda which is essential before guiding others in this practice. You will be introduced to the benefits of an ayurvedic daily routine during the residential module, where you focus on regular lifestyle guidelines and why they work. This residential module also will help you integrate concepts introduced during the study year.

Classical texts and other highlights 

You learn how to interpret and understand classical ayurvedic texts this year, which gives you a profound understanding of the ancient ayurvedic knowledge and wisdom. Through video classes and online learning, we will travel into the depths of ayurvedic classical works, under the guidance of one of our experienced teachers. This includes chanting ayurvedic sutras (verses from classical books) and understanding basic Sanskrit terminology used in ayurveda. You will also receive 8 home study assignments on herbology and diseases, in order to start creating your own database. These are presented in an 8-monthly ‘Collect and Learn’ home study track.

The format 

Year I will consist of 30 full class days, taught both during weekends and in 3- or 4-day modules including a weekend. There will also be a 4-day residential module and a series of online classes. You will be provided with a homework overview to keep track of your assignments. Our online Learning Management System will facilitate smooth progress during the first year.

Online classes for international students 

There is a possibility to follow some theoritical classes online, aimed at students based abroad in order to ease the travel frequency of international students. The Academy is oriented towards in-person presence in class and there will always be practical, hands-on classes for which streaming will not be a possibility. In the case of online class, an agreement can be made and the student abroad can follow the class through a livestream setup. Connecting with the teacher will be possible before and/or after class. For now this will apply to the Foundation weekends (excluding the introduction weekend). Please contact us if you want to know more.

Registration and other procedures

Also see our page Student documents, for all needed procedural information and registration form request.