Year 1 – Level 1 Practitioner & Counselor Program

This Year 1 program ensures not only knowledge and skills acquisition but also a profound transformation in the approach to health and the ability to serve clients as a competent Nutrition & Lifestyle Counselor (part of 2-year program, 70 ECT’s) or Ayurveda Practitioner (part of 4-year program, 200 ECT’s).

Year 1 modules:

Embark on a transformative journey in our first module of the Year 1 APS (for future Counselors as well as Practitioners). Immerse yourself in the foundational principles of Ayurveda, unveiling its profound impact on various aspects of life. This weekend is dedicated to simply introducing essential principles, encompassing nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, psychology, and simple herbal formulas. This module is the start of laying the groundwork for a comprehensive and holistic understanding of well-being, which is vital for your future engagements with clients.

As the course progresses into Weekend 2, we delve into the mysteries of life, health, and disease through the discerning lens of Ayurveda. Nature, lifestyle, and the intricate dance of the three doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha – take center stage as you explore their unique roles as the managers of our biology and physiology, and hence of overall ‘well-being’. We will also start to explore the subtleties of the subdoshas, providing profound insights into the nuanced aspects of Ayurvedic health, again very essential for guiding clients toward optimal health.

Weekend 3 serves as a guide through the realms of Ayurveda and maintaining or restoring healthy nutrition and lifestyle, setting the stage for practical application with clients. Contemporary dietetics takes center stage as you explore the significance of agni (digestive fire) and kitchen spices and herbs in supporting equilibrium and vitality. This weekend unfolds as a holistic nutritional exploration, infused with the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda, equipping future counselors and practitioners with practical insights for client-focused ayurvedic interventions.

Weekend 4 is dedicated to the ayurvedic concept of the existence of unique constitutions (Prakriti). This weekend we will begin the journey toward determining your own as well as clients’ constitutions. We start to understand the fundamental programs for health and illness, with the three doshas acting as the key to these individual constitutions. This weekend marks a pivotal moment in comprehending the personalized approach that Ayurveda offers to holistic well-being, providing future counselors and practitioners with essential tools for unique and well-tailored client care.

Weekend 5 explores the significance of cultivating a healthy routine, with an emphasis on practical strategies for clients. Immerse yourself in the art of using and personalizing a morning health routine, as well as introducing beneficial daily habits. You will also learn about the importance of harmonizing with changing seasons, both throughout a year as well as throughout a lifetime. In this module, you will also learn to guide clients in synchronizing their lives with all these natural rhythms, and hence to optimize their health and well-being. This will also support overall mental-emotional balance.

Weekend 6 explores the foundations of Ayurvedic anatomy and physiology. We will explore the concepts of doshas, dhatus, and mala, hence gaining profound insights into how the body functions according to Ayurvedic principles. This will also provide future counselors and practitioners with more in-depth knowledge for client assessment, beyond just digestion and gut-health, but also including tissue and system health and equilibrium. Also here nutrition and lifestyle can play a key role in adjusting health. Additionally, we will introduce some accessible key remedies and treatments.

Weekend 7 will pick up the topic of nutrition and lifestyle. We will look into how to give appropriate nutrition advice that is tailored to specific client complaints. We will explore the realms of nutrition when imbalanced, covering digestion versus indigestion while exploring the roles of agni and ama. In this module, we will also further introduce and practice the ancient arts of tongue and pulse evaluation. With the help of these tools, we can enhance your skills regarding full client assessment. Additionally, we will focus on therapeutic attitude and client psychology, to optimize treatment.

Weekend 8 is a residential – a four-day immersion into the multi-modality realms of Ayurveda and body-mind philosophy. This multi-modality approach is essential for effective client interactions. This residential experience is designed to explore consciousness, psychology, and philosophy, while seamlessly integrating dinacharya, nutrition, lifestyle, herbology, ayurvedic yoga, pranayama, mindfulness, and meditation. You will engage in a case studies project, applying ayurvedic principles to real-life scenarios with clients. It is also a great opportunity to live Ayurveda as a fellow-students community.

On this day you will cook – with online guidance by an experienced teacher/cook – several recipes that are balancing for health and supporting a good digestion, based on ayurvedic principles. You receive instructions and a shopping list beforehand. This lesson is not only meant as a tool for yourself but eventually to help clients make better nutritional choices, and to develop basic cooking skills. Basic good food and efficient digestion are key to good health and vitality, and as such work as an important preventive health support.

On this day you will cook – with online guidance by an experienced teacher/cook – a number of recipes that help restore health and imbalanced digestion, based on ayurvedic remedial cooking. You receive instructions and a shopping list beforehand. This lesson is not only meant as a tool for yourself but eventually to help clients make better nutritional choices, and to develop basic cooking skills. With basic and specific dietary recipes it becomes easier to deal with simple imbalances and digestive disorders.

All modules have additional study videos to support the classroom days (prerecorded lectures), as well as interesting (optional) video links.

The training is supported by an online Learning Management System (LMS) that includes documents and (practical & knowledge) assignments & tests.

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Those interested and committed to becoming trained as Ayurveda professionals, be it Ayurveda Nutrition & Lifestyle Counselor (2-year program) or Ayurveda Practitioner (4-year program).


This program is in the English language.

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