Our story

Our story

The founders of the Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands are Martine van Beusekom and Coen van der Kroon.

Our institute was born in July 2023 from Delight Academy |Ayurveda, Delight Yoga previously being the mother company. We continued recently as an independent entity. Our mission is to offer high-quality Ayurveda education, both for professional as well as personal use. We have an official Bachelor level accreditation, by the Dutch state-appointed organization, the SNRO.

Our history

The roots of our institute lie in The Academy of Ayurvedic Studies, founded in Amsterdam in 2004.

In 2017 the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies (AAS) became part of Delight Yoga, as Delight Aacdemy | Ayurveda.

Where do we stand now

We are continuing our mission in creating and offering high-quality and Ayurveda education and offering excellent training programs. We want to bring Ayurveda to the general public and work on societal projects where Ayurveda can bring in proven, millennia-old, holistic health and medicine concepts.

We appreciate your support

If you want to support us in our mission and with our activities, please do not hesitate to contact us! Our work is dependent on a supportive and collaborating community and network.