About Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands

With a feeling of gratitude and happiness, we share with you our Ayurvedic programs where the whole scope of philosophical, scientifc, spiritual and – of course – practical parts of ayurveda are integrated. 
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Coen van der Kroon & Martine van Beusekom (founders of Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands)

Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands offers authentic and profound training in the science of Ayurveda. From (Ayurvedic) Nutrition and Yoga courses to a 4-year study program to become an Ayurveda Practitioner. Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands is one of the few schools in Europe offering a 4-year 200 EC accredited study program at Bachelor level. This is a necessary requirement in order to become a licensed Ayurveda Practitioner. The program is running since September 2017. First under the name of Delight Academy, now under Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands. It is guided by Martine van Beusekom and Coen van der Kroon. They are committed to providing you with open and inspiring education, allowing you to uncover your own potential in the world of Ayurveda. 

Why Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands?

We believe that the authentic, holistic science of Ayurveda can give people more knowledge about themselves, life, and the mystery of life. This can promote well-being and health.


Making the science of Ayurveda available in Europe in an authentic and holistic way so that the essence is preserved. We do this through Ayurveda Ambassadors, practitioners, and the community.


  • We offer high-quality education and courses in the field of Ayurveda and related subjects, inspiring and guiding people on their ayurvedic path and preparing practitioners to carry out their professional tasks
  • Building an international (Europa and outside) community we can inform and inspire
  • Social medical support society
  • An Academy Clinic


Both the Ayurveda Practitioner Studies and all our Ayurveda courses are led by a team of experienced and skilled (international) teachers with a vast ocean of wisdom. Most work regularly as Ayurveda Practitioners and physicians, which helps to guide our students towards a solid, safe and practical approach when it comes to the treatment of clients within our Western framework of healing professions. Meet the team.

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