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Learn more about our international Ayurveda Practitioner study program (Bachelor level accredited), trainings and personal workshops, or sign up for one of our open days.

The Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands offers authentic and profound training in the sciences of Ayurveda. During our Ayurveda Practitioner Studies program, highly experienced teachers will dive into the world of Ayurveda with you. They are committed to providing you with open and inspiring education, allowing you to uncover your own potential. (Ayurveda Practitioner opleiding Nederland: lees meer hier)

The founders of the Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands have more than 20 years of professional teaching and educational experience in the field of Ayurveda. The academy works in close connection with an international network of renowned teachers and institutions. Within The Netherlands, the academy has obtained a Bachelor level accreditation by the state-appointed organization SNRO. You can review our accreditation status here. Read more about our story.

A class day at Ayurveda Practitioner opleiding Nederland

Discover the world of Ayurveda with us during our 4 year Ayurveda Practitioner Study or one of our inspiring trainings or workshops. 

Professional Training programs

We offer professional training programs, the main one being our Ayurveda Practitioner Studies (APS) program, a 4-year Bachelor-level accredited program. Together with a Western Anatomy & Physiology diploma (PLATO acknowledged Dutch MBK diploma), this gives access to state-acknowledged Dutch professional natural medicine organizations.

Ayurveda Practitioner opleiding Nederland: a classroom in action

Shorter programs for your own use

Our Academy also offers shorter programs and events, accessible to anyone wanting to use Ayurveda in their daily lives. There are lectures, weekend workshops, Ayurvedic nutrition, and massage courses. We love to see Ayurveda becoming a more integrated part of Western life, and we offer a practical way of working with Ayurveda that fits our modern way of living.


The Academy offers modern education, including e-learning tracks, use of Learning Management Systems, online classes, and pre-recorded video classes. In our trainings, hands-on learning and practice remain an important part of our education. However, theory parts can often be offered very efficiently by video classes and digital teaching as well as study facilities.

Ayurveda Practitioner opleiding Nederland: meer hier


Our favorite ‘Ayurveda Nutrition Course’

Since last 20 years, we offer this very professional and most usable Ayurveda Nutrition Course. It offers access to the basic principles of authentic Ayurveda, AND turns these into very useful guidelines and tips for modern use. Everyone in the modern and Western world, with a modern and Western diet and lifestyle, can greatly benefit from this course. How can we cook healthier, and how can we digest better, starting from what we normally eat, day to day. That is where this course makes the difference. For lay people as well as professionally working people who want to integrate this into their work.

In the end, you have a profound understanding of Ayurvedic nutrition and how to create a healthy diet based on your doshas. You will have the confidence to advise your family and friends about Ayurvedic nutrition based on their doshas. You get a lot of knowledge on Indian as well as Western recipes and can easily and with joy apply Ayurvedic principles in any way of cooking. Starts Jan 12th, 2024.

We also offer consultations with experienced Ayurvedic physicians in a student clinic set up.

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Pumpkin brown rice risotto

Pumpkin and brown rice risotto This nourishing Ayurvedic version of a Pumpkin brown rice risotto is suitable for all dosha types and brings balance and warmth to your fall season. Ingredients: Instructions: Serving Suggestion: Serve the Pumpkin and Brown Rice … Read More

Consultations With Vd. Sayali Kendarkar

Consultations With Vd. Sayali Kendarkar The Ayurveda Academy NL is glad to inform you that Vd. Sayali Kendarkar will be holding consultations for our Ayurveda Academy Clinic in Laren. This is a unique opportunity to receive an Ayurvedic consultation from … Read More

Ayurveda, AGNI and the Microbiome

Ayurveda, Agni, and the Microbiome “The human microbiome in terms of the six ayurvedic tastes – the story of (your) life from mouth to colon.” by Coen van der Kroon, MA Agni in Ayurveda is near to the concept of … Read More

In tune with modern Western life, our Academy also offers multiple shorter workshops and training for using Ayurveda in your personal, day-to-day, life.

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